10 common myths about muscle building

There are many misconceptions about muscle building, and unfortunately, the media is often to blame. Muscle-building myths perpetuate because they’re presented in a way that makes them sound true without any scientific evidence backing them up – like exercising less will help you gain more muscle mass over time. This misconception persists because people believe these claims as truth without any actual proof of their validity. Luckily, there’s so much potential for sports science when it comes to gaining muscle!

Myth #1:The best time to build muscle is after a workout

Truth: There’s no such thing as the ‘best time to work out, although your muscles will repair and rebuild themselves if allowed rest after exercise. Muscle growth happens when you’re resting! According to certified clinical exercise physiologist Marques Garcia from Duke University, short periods of training should occur at least a couple of times per week to allow your muscles time to grow.

Myth #2: The more muscle you build, the better fat loss results will be.

Truth: Although building muscle can help with weight loss and burning calories by increasing metabolism, this is not necessarily something that happens instantly or directly because it takes work, time, and effort. If you’re looking to lose weight, exercise will play a better role in how much fat is burned. It can help you burn more calories through cardiovascular activity rather than focusing on muscle building alone.

Myth #3:You should lift heavy weights for low reps if you want to build muscle mass fast.

Truth: You’re actually not going to get the most out of your workout by using heavy weights and low reps. Bodybuilding coach Nat Bardon says that you should lift lighter weight but higher reps for a better muscle-building outcome because lifting heavier can cause strain on muscles, tendons, and joints, which will slow down recovery time after exercise. Muscle building can be achieved with a lighter weight and higher reps as well!

Myth #4:The more muscle you gain, the bigger your appetite will become

Truth: Your body has an internal mechanism that regulates hunger based on energy intake – how much food is eaten by calories consumed every day; the two variables are not directly linked to muscle gain. Eating the right foods and enough calories throughout the day will keep you satisfied without making unhealthy food choices to make up for additional lost energy.

Myth #6:You should only work the same group of muscles once per week

Truth: There are many effective ways to work out different muscle groups and still build muscle mass – the key is only to work each major group of muscles once per week so that your body has time to recover from any injuries.

Myth #6:You have to lift weights for hours every day if you want big muscles! 

People who think this way don’t understand how much protein, carbs, and fat their body needs to build muscle.

Truth: You can definitely lift weights for hours every day if you want – but it won’t actually help your muscles grow any faster! Building muscle is about making small changes over time that are sustainable so that your goals become easier to achieve the more often you work out at a gym.

Myth #7:Lifting heavyweights will build muscle mass, but cardio is needed for weight loss.


Truth: Lifting heavy weights can help you burn calories and lose fat by increasing your metabolism over time. 

The combination of lifting light to moderate weights with cardiovascular exercise like walking or bicycling allows enough variation in workouts so that it’s not all about building muscle! Cardio exercises should be done a couple of times per week to complement muscle-building workouts.

Myth #8:You can eat whatever you want and still build muscle mass by working out often enough

Truth: There are plenty of good foods that will help you achieve your goals when it comes to muscle gain, but eating unhealthy foods in excess won’t help you build muscle. A healthy balance of all food groups is needed to get the most out of your workouts without sabotaging your goals by consuming more than necessary and not getting enough nutrients!

Myth #9:Muscles can grow just as much in one day as they do over a couple of weeks or months. 

This myth comes from people who overtrain.

Truth: Muscle growth is a slow process that takes time to develop – it’s not something you can force or will happen overnight! Over-exercising without giving muscles enough time to recover slows muscle development because of the stress it puts on your body instead of helping with muscle building. If you’re looking for ways to build muscle mass faster, you’re better off focusing on making changes to your diet and getting enough rest.

Myth #10:Building muscles require special supplements as creatine or protein shakes.

For your muscles. Close up of drugs in hand of a pleasant bodybuilder holding them while going to take

Truth: Supplements can be helpful in some cases, but they aren’t necessary for building muscle – the best way to get these nutrients is by eating a well-balanced diet instead.

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