AIDS-Its Causes and Cure

AIDS is the abbreviation of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. It is cruel diseases, far more cruel than even leprosy and lung, throat and brain cancer. Nobody heard of this disease even in the middle of the 20th century. AIDS was first conclusive identified in the united state in 1981.the modern industrial civilization has caused loss of human values, ‘sick hurry ‘and divided aims, nervous tension, over-taxed head and palsied heart. It is to get relief from the restlessness and tension of life that some men seek perverse pleasures and immoral entertainments. The results are various dangerous diseases and infections. AIDS is one such cruel disease unheard of in the past.

AIDS is a vital disease that impairs system of the human body, thus exposing the victim to various dangerous diseases and infections. The virus known as HIV(Human Immune deficiency virus)uses certain white blood cells as hosts and finally destroys them. The earliest AIDS patients in America and Europe were almost exclusively homosexuals, bisexual, intravenous drug abusers, prostitutes and others who required repeated transfusion. The virus is transmitted through blood and semen, saliva, tears and urine. The patient population has now increased and they are found more in central Africa, Arab countries and others. The disease is so infectious that the heterosexual females whose male sexual partners had AIDS are affected and even the off springs of such union inherit the AIDS virus.

AIDS is caused by a virus; it is transmitted by direct contact. The chief means of transmission is intimate physical contact, the use of virus-contaminated blood in a transfusion and the use of the intravenous needle that has been contaminated with the virus from previous use. The early symptoms of AIDS are fatigue, fever, night sweats and chills and loss of weights. Gradually others symptoms like skin disease, shortness of breath and mental confusion and disorder appear.

There are tendency among AIDS patients to hide their disease and mix freely with all, thus causing more harm to those who are close to them. But they cannot hide for long. The disease also carries with it a social stigma. An Aids victim is avoided and hated by all. His condition is miserable. He patiently awaits death, uncared and neglected. But no one should be subjected to such ignominy on mere assumption. A whole area should not be branded simply because one man in its has died of AIDS. It is a matter of both concern and shame that India, known for high morals for ages has now been invaded by this foul disease, there are nearly 4500 infected people in the country. Proper measures should be taken for their treatment as well as to arrest further increase in the patients’ number.

There is at present no cure for AID. Researches for effective treatment and cure are however, continuing, till the disease is conquered like many other diseases, care of AIDS patients should be taken in right earnest. Preventive measures to stop its further growth should also ask to avoid physical contact it the infected ones. Use condoms and sterilized needles. The media like newspapers, TV and the Radio should also give due publicity of the cruel consequence of this fatal disease. The education of children and adults will be another effective preventive measure. It is heartening to note that in India several NGOs (Non-Government Organization) are working hard to improve the lot of the AIDS victims.

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