How to Deal with the Red Eye Flight

A jet airliner is seen through an opening in darkening clouds and an alarm clock is seen in the sky also. This is a 3-D illustration about jet lag for travelers.

When you have a job on the other valley or when you are travelling to another country, an overnight travel is a necessary evil. It’s the only way to make it happen. Besides the most common travel tips, there are several other things you should bear in mind before you start your journey. The fact is that trading your comfy honey bed with an airplane or a bus seat is a big downgrade. The below tips can be of great help when you want to deal with this issue once and for all. The tips can help you get through your next red-eye experience. If you implement them the right way, it will be generally simple to arrive rested and functional.

Follow Your Night Time Routine

Regardless of where you are traveling or what you are doing, you should make sure you are following your nighttime routine. This may sound very ordinary but for most travelers, it’s something really helpful. Instead of getting in your bus or the plane thinking whether you are going to sleep or whether you just end up binge watching movies, you should set a sleeping routine that matches your usually sleeping routine. A night time routine also means getting to the bathroom the first hour of flight. This can be a better option rather than just being seated for the entire flight.

Slip On An Eye Mask

It doesn’t matter whether the cabin turns off the lights or not, the best thing to do is to put on your eye mask. It helps keep all the light out. The eye mask also forces your eyes to stay shut. Though, you should make sure you have a soft silk eye mask.

Wear Comfortable Clothing

I don’t think there’s anything worse than having uncomfortable clothing when you are travelling. In fact this is one of the best Travel tips that you should bear in mind. You don’t have to shift around in your seat because your pants are too tight or they aren’t stretchy. This means you should make sure you have comfortable clothes for the trip.

Avoid Connections

I don’t think there’s anything worse than trying to get proper sleep with two overnight sleeps. If you want to make sure you have proper sleep, avoid connections. You can choose a direct flight. Although connections are unavoidable sometimes, you can try booking a nonstop flight.


Now it’s time to do whatever you do before you get to bed. It doesn’t need to be any different, if you are one of those people that reads a book, watches a movie or taking tea before you sleep; you should do exactly that before you take a nap. You can order a small glass of wine if you think that is what helps you relax.

Get Comfortable

Am sure it will never be the same as your normal bed but you should make sure you are getting comfortable wherever you are. This helps you to find some sleep or to help you relax. You can try a supportive neck pillow, a soft cardigan or fuzzy socks. You can as well replace your tight shoes with a double scarf-like blanket.

Choose The Right Seat

Choosing a seat may not have a huge impact on your flight but it may help reduce the hassle when you are travelling. It may as well make you comfortable and at the same time help you deal with red-eye flight.

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