Teeth Whitening is Only Safe When Done by a Dentist

teeth treatment in dental clinic

Though it may seem to be a simple procedure, teeth whitening using a bleaching agent should be carried out only by a dentist. The process can remove the stains on the outer surface of the teeth, lighten your teeth by several shades and thus improve the colour. The effects of the treatment last for a reasonably long time, from a few months to three years.
The GDC (General Dental Council) in the UK has reported that several beauty salons based in London are providing teeth whitening treatment. This is unlawful if carried out by anybody other than a professionally qualified and trained dental professional.

Serious Risks Involved

There are several risks involved when teeth whitening procedure is provided by people who not qualified to do it. The maximum qualification beauty therapists have is often a three day course they attend to obtain an unrecognised qualification. Some may not even have that training.

• Sometimes unsafe chemical substances are used that can cause serious damage to the gum tissue. Some salons even use chlorine dioxide that is very acidic and can seriously damage the tooth enamel.
• Providers of unlawful teeth whitening treatment also use a dangerous concentration of hydrogen peroxide gel, which can cause burns and damage the gums.
• When the procedure is carried out by unprofessional people, there is definitely great risk involved. They don’t have the experience or specialized knowledge to evaluate whether the patient has already existing conditions such as gum disease or sensitive teeth, and may not even know that such patients are not candidates for teeth whitening treatment.

Unlawful teeth whitening procedures are not covered by any public indemnity insurance policy.

Measures by the GDC to Restrict Unlawful Teeth Whitening ,Following the increase in the number of clinics offering illegal teeth whitening procedures in the UK, the GDC has adopted certain measures to try and restrict it. The council has ruled that individuals who are not qualified dental professionals cannot provide any type of teeth whitening procedure. It is a criminal offence for people who are not registered with the GDC to provide the treatment or even offer advice regarding it.

The GDC is taking every step possible to investigate and prosecute unregistered individuals performing teeth whitening procedures.Though the GDC is trying to protect the public from potentially harmful teeth whitening provided by beauty salons, the problem is not completely addressed.

In the UK, anyone can take a teeth whitening kit home and carry out the treatment by themselves. Dentists have warned against this too, but it is a prevalent practice. Maybe it is this loophole in the law that has encouraged a number of non-dental professionals to carry out illegal teeth whitening.

The only safe and effective teeth whitening procedure is the one provided by a professional dental practitioner at a general or cosmetic dentistry clinic. An experienced dentist would ensure that your gums and lips are protected while the procedure is being carried out. Moreover, the treatment is provided under regulated conditions to ensure maximum patient safety.

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