Which Essential Oils For Stretch Marks Work?

There are plenty of treatments on the market for getting rid of (or at least fading) unsightly stretch marks and scars, and one of the more favoured methods would have to be the application of essential oils. Of course, you cannot use all essential oils for stretch marks, so which ones actually work?


This essential oil is suitable for use on marks and scars even during pregnancy (although it should be kept in mind that it should not be used before the second trimester). If you apply it to the affected areas of your skin, you should begin to notice a difference in the appearance of your scars within weeks.


This essential oil for stretch marks is extracted from the flowers of the orange tree, and is said to stimulate skin cells and encourage them to regenerate.


This essential oil is extracted from the mandarin (or tangerine) fruit and, unlike other citrus-based essential oils, does not increase your susceptibility to sunburn. It is said to help keep your skin hydrated and moisturized.

However, when applying essential oils for stretch mark treatments, you will need to ensure that you first mix them with carrier oil, as essential ones need to be diluted before they touch our skin. Carrier oil helps our skin to absorb the treatment quickly. So, which carrier oils should you be using for treating stretch marks?


This carrier oil is extracted from the Jojoba plant, and has actually been used in skin treatment by the Native American Indians for centuries. It is suitable for use on all skin types and for a number of skin conditions (including eczema and sun burn). For stretch marks, it is known to help soothe, moisturize and restore the damaged skin.


This carrier oil should be applied to your skin once a day. Preferably, this should be done just before going to bed, as it gives the oil enough time to completely soak into your skin. It can also be applied after bathing, as our pores are open and the oil will be quickly absorbed. Like jojoba oil, almond is hugely moisturizing.


This carrier oil for treating marks and scars actually acts as a moisturizing base and it contains Vitamin A and beta-carotene, which are both highly beneficial to our skin.

There are many other essential oils that are suitable for use in the treatment of stretch marks (such as patchouli, rose, geranium and jasmine), but the ones listed above are definitely the most popular. By mixing these oils for stretch mark treatment with one of the listed carrier oils, you will greatly nourish your skin and help along the healing process.

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